Interior Design


Love is the key to your home's interior design.

You build a home for your happiness if you love yourself.

You build a home for the happiness of your family and friends if you love them.

The next phase in the love process is to express gratitude for your home. Gratitude serves as the foundation for building beautiful locations in which to share your love.

Joy is the final component of love. Homes created for graceful living are not decorated for grandeur or show; they are decorated for happiness and the enjoyment of life!

Interior Design Psychology Advice on Lovingly Decorating Your Home

 1. Don't overcrowd your home with decorations. You and your family or friends are the most significant accessories in your home. For comfort, beauty, function, and emotional support, choose high-quality furnishings.

 2. Create environments that promote your emotional well-being as well as your productivity. Determine the purpose of a place and select design elements that support that purpose. Soft gray walls in home offices, for example, encourage creative writing while slate blue striped walls provide orderly calm.

 3. Pay homage to your ancestors' history. Use design elements that connect to your sense of tradition to pay homage to your forefathers.

 4. Bring Mother Nature inside with you. Life and growth are symbolized by green foliage. People are born with an instinct to feel connected to the earth. Houseplants also help to keep the air fresh.

 5. Be creative and add your own personal touch. Make a stained glass window or a stencil out of a favorite object. Feel a sense of connection to your home through physical labor and daydreams about future improvements.

Love your home and celebrate life.

I wish you happiness!